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We all know that certain type of person who can never say or type a decent English sentence without shoving in so much slang and double negatives in it that it almost becomes a new language. Such wonderful classless and timeless examples are listed here.

1. She can't go not no where without her go-go juice.
2. Listen hommie... people on the streets are dying cause of this gang shit. And some of you folks wanna claim the shit, and you aint' even real.Man, I lost my babe, so some wanna be crip mutherfucker. His white ass won't no crip.
3. I aren't in no need for those god damn'd natives, why don't they go back to their own country!
4. I knew some fake bloods too. Not just lil wayne.. I know some real life dudes fronting the blood status. These pussies ain't no blood... they ain't no crip... And no, I'm not a blood or crip either.

Want to know what will make your brain hurt? I have been called a racist because I dislike both Ghetto and Trailer "cultural language." Really? I thought ghettos weren't necessarily a black thing, because you know there are other people who live in those areas that aren't black and embrace the "culture". Tell me one good thing to society these "cultures" gave us. And no twerking (classless ass shaking) and mud-bogging (a redneck event were they drive trucks through a pit of mud until said truck gets stuck) aren't good things.
I am terrible at creating OCs and this is the only OC I have ever made. Please draw him in any style you want I just want to see what my artwork looks like when someone else draws it. :la:

Dr. Evil Carrot Man by Katcam007
Dr. Evil Carrot Man by Katcam007
Dr. Evil Carrot Man
If you wonder why I gave this monstrosity of boredom such a lame ass name, its a inside joke. I create this abomination in every video game that has a creative mode and someone who happen to run across it decided to call him"Dr. Evil Carrot Man" And it stuck and now if I do ever create a video game I will probably put this fellow somewhere hidden in the game.
Oh boy, do I hate how society makes up new words and phrases to seem cool, hip, and special to their peers. Here are ones I can't stand hearing.

1. Womyn: Boy, I hate this word. Why does this exist? Why do you want to remove an E from a word because it makes the word contain "men"? You have to be quite a misandrist to want to change the spelling just due to that. What is wrong with having "men" in the word "women?" Nothing. Trust me this about as pointless as renaming the human species "Hetro-sapien" because "Homo-sapien" has the word "Homo" in it.

2. White-tears: This word is used as a meaning saying "It is only something that  only whites cry/worry about." This word is usually vomited at someone that is pointing out racism against whites to someone that is the racist spewing this garbage. White racism is no better or worse than any other form of racism. Racism is bad no matter who its being thrown to.

3. Otherkin: I don't just hate the word, I hate the fact there are people on this earth who believe that there some sort of animal trapped in a human body. Nor I don't like the fact that otherkin doesn't only pertain to animals, it also goes for fictional characters and real people as well. These people will cry oppression if someone looks at them with a glare because they told someone that they're a dragon trapped in human form.

4. Yiff/Clopping: First off, these fetishes really shouldn't exist. Second, why do they need a special word for fucking or masturbating to their fetish? Give me one good reason why. Third, I understand how clop, means fap in brony language, but what action that isn't a hairy antro-dog dong strangling makes the noise "yiff." Assuming that yiff is a sound word like fap and clop.

5. Selfie: I really don't like how this word sounds in all honesty and all honesty is it really that hard to say self portrait? I especially hate the fact its meaning no longer means self portrait anymore, instead its a replacement for a picture, which doesn't make sense to me. Its like calling a biography an auto-biography.

6. Twerk: It is a more polite and trashy way of saying "Shaking ones rump like some amateur ghetto gutter girl. For some reason, people find twerking funny, I just don't get that.

7. "Everyone's perfect.": for some reason some special snowflake thought that the word "not" made the phrase "too offensive." By this sayings logic, everyone one is perfect, even Jeffery Dalmer and Adolf Hitler. Remember you're not perfect.

TL;DR: There's a reason why they aren't in a dictionary.
A teenager complaining about gift car being the wrong year of model. :stare:

When it is a  Ford Mustang.........

From what Mayor McCheeseCunt told me it is a newer year of blue CONVERTABLE mustang. Yeah that's right Spoon-fed Salt-Spiller Sammy is complaining about getting a Mustang because it is, get this. Too new for her. What year of Mustang does she like? the 1980's to early 90's mustangs. 1985 Ford Mustang notchback by Mister-Lou Yeah THAT year. *gag* Stamping Susan wants a blue convertible of this model. And you may ask yourself, well why are you so pissed about it? Why? Because a newer mustang isn't cheap and just look at them, they look so much fuckin' better.
1995 Ford Mustang Convertible by compaan-art This is a 1994-1999 models look like.
Party Like It's 1999 by swiftysgarage 1999-2004 models.
05 Mustang by ColeJA 2005+ models, if this is the year or newer that is her car is.... I will have to hit her across the face....

This pisses me off because this is going most likely HER FIRST FUCKING CAR! And all this little cunt did was complain about it being "Not old enough." Bitch, please. You do not know how fucking lucky your stupid sorry Juggalo ass is. I come from a fucking poor family and I would be lucky if I get a car that isn't a rusty and cigarette burned and fat-sweat scented minivan that barely putts down the road. I would be jumping around and howling gleefully like some fucking downs-syndrome lemur on a meth if I got a mustang as first car, EVEN if it is the hideous 1980's model. Why? Because no matter how you slice it, it is a fucking ford mustang and most teens my age don't get those as a first car.

Just to show how smart she is, She is one of those god-damned people on Facebook that put "Goes to Juggalo University." How I know, the ungrateful shit sits next to me in Computer Multimedia class and can't fucking function correctly, all she does is pretend to do her work and goes and fucks around on Facebook. Ugh THEN she complains how every single one of her friends likes and comments her posts on Facebook. I am lucky if a get a like from someone that isn't a relative. I am genuinely a person that keeps their anger to themselves until there is a place to vent it out anonymously on the internet's complaints forums so I don't become a rude direct asshole to people in the real world.

Anti-complaint: Went to the new Five Guys today! :la: The burgers were great! :dummy:

Bonus complaint: The Cajun Fries were caked with seasoning, making the taste of it so strong it makes them practically inedible, and this is coming from a guy who likes to eat raw onions with salt and pepper on it and A can of Sardines or Kipper Snacks right out of the can. You can literally draw on paper because of how much seasoning was on it, I'm not kidding you! :stare: Never ordering that again!

:icontealdeerplz:Entitled little cunt makes me want to smash her head in.


United States
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