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Remember when Rosa Parks sat on the front of the bus? Remember when civil rights were actually civilized and actually cared about itself? It seems like my generation and the generation above it has forgotten.

Here are some examples of sex segregation.………………

There was an article about women-only taxis in NewYork but it has been since been removed.

How does forcing separation between people and reviving an old monster make any sort of progress for equal rights what so ever? I know these are in place because some women feel threatened by men. Why not instead of all of this segregation bullshit, why not start a fundraiser to help give these poor women some therapy and the help they need? Feeling threatened by anyone just due to their sex or race is unhealthy to say the least.

Why does instead of that, we have all these measures to make sure these women get only more paranoid by putting them in women's only areas and make males look like they are actually a threat when we are not. Sexism of ANY form is wrong, so why is it so common in the "Equality" section of liberals?

If people want to be treated equal, they themselves should treat others as equals too. Why is it so fucking hard for these people to wrap their empty heads around it?

(BTW I have somewhat of an unpopular opinion, I don't think women are as oppressed as feminism and "Equality" groups make them out to be. Yes there is the seldom asshole every now and again, but there are laws in place to prevent discrimination. [which doesn't seem to work for males, ironically, since mostly males wrote that law in the first place])
We all know that certain type of person who can never say or type a decent English sentence without shoving in so much slang and double negatives in it that it almost becomes a new language. Such wonderful classless and timeless examples are listed here.

1. She can't go not no where without her go-go juice.
2. Listen hommie... people on the streets are dying cause of this gang shit. And some of you folks wanna claim the shit, and you aint' even real.Man, I lost my babe, so some wanna be crip mutherfucker. His white ass won't no crip.
3. I aren't in no need for those god damn'd natives, why don't they go back to their own country!
4. I knew some fake bloods too. Not just lil wayne.. I know some real life dudes fronting the blood status. These pussies ain't no blood... they ain't no crip... And no, I'm not a blood or crip either.

Want to know what will make your brain hurt? I have been called a racist because I dislike both Ghetto and Trailer "cultural language." Really? I thought ghettos weren't necessarily a black thing, because you know there are other people who live in those areas that aren't black and embrace the "culture". Tell me one good thing to society these "cultures" gave us. And no twerking (classless ass shaking) and mud-bogging (a redneck event were they drive trucks through a pit of mud until said truck gets stuck) aren't good things.


United States
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